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Today Funny Jokes 17.11

The lady lawyer approached the jury box and began an eloquent plea for her client: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I want to tell you about this man.  There’s so much to say that is good: he never beat his mother; he was always kind to little children; he never did a dishonest thing …

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Today jokes

“Well, Mrs. O’Connor, so you want a divorce?” the solicitor questioned his client. “Tell me about it. Do you have a grudge?” “Oh, no,” replied Mrs. O’Connor. “Shure now, we have a carport.” The solicitor tried again. “Well, does the man beat you up?” “No, no,” said Mrs. O’Connor, looking puzzled. “I’m always first out …

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The 20 Year Old Headache


There was a man who had had a headache for twenty years and was at the point where he wanted to end his own life, but he decided to go to a specialist first. No doctor could solve his problem, until finally one of them said “You have a very rare problem, your testicles are …

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10 marks in an exam

Question: “How to kill an ant?” Asked in an exam for 10 marks! Student: Mix chilli powder with sugar, & Keep it outside the ant’s hole After eating, ant will search for some water near a water tank. Push ant in to it! Now ant will go to dry itself near fire, When it reaches …

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Irish Funny Joke

Paddy and Paddy,two Irishmen have just bought two pigs. They take them home and then Paddy realises: – Paddy, we got twoo fookin’ pigs now, but how in the name of Jessus are we gonna tell which one is which? – Ahh, ‘ll be allright — says Paddy — I’ll cut me pig’s left ear …

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One of the concepts that I really think is valuable to get a handle on is called “Always have one default thing to do in every common situation.” It’s amazing to me when I watch a guy interacting with a woman, and everything is going well… and then it’s time for him to either step …

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Erica’s Blonde Jokes

Q: What did the blonde name her pet zebra? A: SPOT Q: Did you hear about the blonde who shot an arrow into the air? A: Yeah she missed Q: What do you call a blonde with two brain cells? A: Pregnant Q: What do you call seven blonde floating in water? A: An air …

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